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BILLING POLICY: Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, it is presumed that all mediation/ arbitration costs will be shared equally by the participants. The costs and fees are due when billed and the contract for services is with the attorney(s). Payment is expected from the attorney(s).

  1. ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: $75.00 per party. This fee is not refundable in the event of cancellation but parties will not be rebilled for rescheduling of the mediation/arbitration.

  2. HOURLY RATES: Call (800) 863-9873 or (478) 746-4524 for hourly rates pertaining to individual members of our panel. There is a minimum charge of three hours for each mediation

    The fee for mediation/arbitration may include time for document review, pre-session conferences (in person and telephone), research, drafting of arbitration opinions and travel.

    Parties unrepresented by counsel are required to pay a $500 retainer prior to the hearing commencement.

  3. MILEAGE EXPENSES: 57.5¢ per mile.

  4. CANCELLATION POLICY: No penalty if cancellation is made prior to 48 hours before the hearing date, however, a two-hour minimum hearing fee may be charged to the responsible party if cancellation is withing 48 hours of the hearing date.

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